How Finance Can Drive Business Performance

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How Finance Can REALLY “Add Value” in Business WITHOUT Offshoring or Automation

It’s all about how you drive the performance of the business...

 ... NOT about Finance internal processes

If you’re in Finance, and just want to do the best you can for your business, building on your accountancy qualification…

If you know you “add value”, and want to do it more…

The best thing that Finance can give the business is not tax advice (although that’s pretty useful) or monthly P&Ls (although they’re pretty useful too!)…, but a coherent framework for driving business performance.

One of the big Finance functions I worked in had the slogan, “Finance Drives Business Performance”.

And they were right!

Also, think about this… one of the best ways to improve performance is to improve the things we do to manage performance.

But what are those things? And how do they work?

And how can you use them to drive business performance?

You could carry on, making improvements here and there. Getting quicker at your month end close, processing your invoices faster, putting a few KPIs in your reports, doing some good analysis.

But how do you know those are the things that add the most value? How do you know you’re not missing something? How do you get confidence to lead the business in improving performance?

You need a framework, and you need an approach.

This course – How Finance Can Drive Business Performance – is an introduction to both those things. It consists of three short guides, so that you can take time to reflect after each one.

It shows you a very simple framework – eight things that you probably already know about. But if you see how they link together, and how they help the business perform, you can very quickly start to see things you can do to give your business a boost.

The basic approach is in the course too – how to use the framework to drive business performance.

So, after learning the framework and the approach, it should be possible for you, with a bit more thinking, to identify some areas to make quick improvements and add some value to your business.

The framework came out of a difficult time for me. I was wrestling with how to explain the benefits of having a Finance Director to small business owners. I spent a lot of time reflecting on my previous Finance experience, the training I’d had, and the conversations I was having with business owners. And I realised that the key benefit of having a Finance Director and a Finance function is that they know all the elements that can improve the performance of a business.

And since I’ve started talking about it, and sharing it in blog articles and videos, I’ve had some great feedback from fellow Finance professionals.

One person said, "Thank you again and again and again for the valuable content you are providing!”

Another comment was, "Fantastic video. There's so much reliance on Finance and having tools such as this one makes it a lot easier for the professional.”

The great news is that you can have a look and see for yourself with no risk,

because we’re providing this amazingly useful material FREE.

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Andy Burrows
Andy Burrows
CEO and Founder of Supercharged Finance

About the instructor

Andy qualified as a chartered accountant in the UK more than 20 years ago. He's worked in different businesses – large, medium and small – in different sectors ranging from Financial Services to Software. He's been a Head of Finance, a Group Financial Controller and a Finance Director. And he's run Finance change projects.

Now he's trying to pass on the benefit of his learning and experience to the next generation of Finance managers and CFOs.

Course Outline

Part 1 - The Business Performance Management Framework
Part 2 - Improving Each Element
Part 3 - Making Things Work Together Better

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