How Effective is Your Finance Function?

Use This Self-Assessment Questionnaire to Discover Areas For Improvement

This 30-page document contains more than 120 questions to comprehensively assess the effectiveness of your Finance function.

If you want to identify areas where Finance can be more effective in adding value in your business, but don't want to spend a fortune on management consultants, this questionnaire can be used to discover the things that need attention.

How good is your Finance function...

... at driving business performance?

This self-assessment questionnaire for Finance is unique in that it seeks to challenge the Finance function to be as effective as possible at driving business performance. What you come out with are priorities that help the business and not just our team.
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How good is your Finance function...

The Finance Self-Assessment Questionnaire is...

  • Structured and Logical

    Designed to guide you step by step in discovering where your Finance function can be more effective in managing business performance.

  • Comprehensive

    30+ pages and 120 questions, taking you through the full spectrum of business performance management.

  • Action Focused

    Designed to help you to come up with an action plan that will improve your Finance function, and thereby help your business.