Driving Business Performance Further in Finance

Driving Business Performance Further in Finance

Boost your Finance function to boost your business!

There IS a way YOU can add value 

as a Finance professional in Business 

WITHOUT burning yourself out!

It’s all about how you drive the performance of the business, 

...NOT about Finance internal processes.

Over my 20+ years working in Finance teams in different businesses, I’ve learnt that working in Finance is a tough gig!

The expectations! No other function seems to have so many business critical deadlines! And our involvement seems to be needed in everything!

But at the same time, we’re treated as mere “bean counters” and “pen pushers” by some.

And what our accountancy qualifications don’t teach us is how to manage all those expectations, how to do financial analysis, how to actually do budgeting – how to be an asset to our business. You feel your way through experience, learning from your predecessors, doing more courses, reading books (when you have time).

What would be nice...

... is a framework.

A framework for business performance management

What I’ve developed through those two decades – through training courses, through experience, reflection and discussion – is just that... a framework...

It’s a framework that came to light through realising that the purpose of a Finance function is to drive business performance. It was the slogan of a big listed group CFO that I worked for. And I’ve proved it for myself.

The framework shows how performance management works in business. And that’s the first thing I’m teaching in this course.

... and an approach...

The second thing I’ll show you is an approach to using that framework to drive business performance. And since Finance is involved in every single element of business performance management – unlike any other business function – we are in a position of great responsibility.

We can make a big difference – add value! - through using that approach to improve the way the business manages performance…

Because improving our management of performance will lead to better performance… if that wasn’t the case, why would bother trying to manage performance?!

You could do what I did, and go from role to role, month end to month end, budgeting, forecasting, analysing, reporting, year in, year out, improving bits and pieces as you go… never knowing whether you’re making the best impact possible.

You could follow the crowd, and go with the latest technological fad or the painful process of outsourcing stuff. Will that mean you add value? Just keep busy and you won’t have to think about it!

Instead of that, why not invest a small amount, and learn to add immense value?

This course gives you a framework and approach that can guide and direct your priorities, so that you always know you’re improving your business… and not just your internal processes.

It’s not difficult to understand, and it’s quick to get to grips with.

And this is not something you will find elsewhere. You’ll only get training in adding value in Finance, through using a business performance management framework, right here.

How is this course different to the free mini course?

You may be asking how this course is different to the free mini course that we also offer - How Finance Can Drive Business Performance.

Why should you pay for this one?

What you get in the mini course is an outline of the business performance management framework that I use - the BPM Wheel - and an outline of the approach I suggest to using that framework to drive business performance.

The Driving Business Performance Further in Finance course goes further, including all that, but also giving some concrete ideas to think about and apply in four key areas:

Strategic Performance Measurement

Exploring a methodology that can help focus data gathering for strategic planning, and can also be used to develop KPI measures that focus on what's important.

Focusing Performance Reporting and Analysis

Looking at Balanced Scorecards, how they're better than traditional Finance-based reports, and how to develop them.

Keeping Business Change on Track

Covering how Finance can help, through some insider project management knowledge, to keep business change projects in line with business strategy and deliver a profit.

Rethinking Finance Transformation

This final module pulls everything together and suggests a way that the BPM Wheel framework can be used to formulate a really powerful Finance Transformation programme.

AND as an additional FREE bonus, we've now also included a second ebook called Where Can Finance Add Most Value? - a 30-page guide, going through the BPM Wheel framework, giving you key questions that can be used to help you identify where your Finance function may be able to add the most value in driving business performance.

What others have said:

Here are just a few of the LinkedIn recommendations I’ve received:

“[Andy] understands the value of commercially focussed finance and the benefits it brings to a business…”

"I have been in [this business] for 3 yrs now and have met very few leaders who made an impact in our Finance community. [Andy] is one of those few.”

 “If Carlsberg made Finance Directors…”

And some comments on Supercharged Finance material:

“Thank you again and again and again for the valuable content you are providing.”

“I have just read this article a 2nd time as it’s one of the best I’ve ever encountered through LinkedIn…. I read so many articles that seem to be placed in some sort of ideal world and here I read what I actually encounter in practice, almost like you have read my mind! Keep up the good work…”

“Fantastic video. There's so much reliance on finance and having tools such as this one makes it a lot easier for the professional.”

What’s in the course?

A 30-page ebook and six training videos, with accompanying slidedecks and transcripts… See below for more details.

And there’s a free trial’ option, which gives you access to a couple of parts of the course, just so you can get a taste for it before committing.

And there's a special BONUS! A second ebook absolutely free for no extra cost - this one is called Where Can Finance Add Most Value?

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Andy Burrows
Andy Burrows
CEO and Founder of Supercharged Finance

About the instructor

Andy qualified as a chartered accountant in the UK more than 20 years ago. He's worked in different businesses – large, medium and small – in different sectors ranging from Financial Services to Software. He's been a Head of Finance, a Group Financial Controller and a Finance Director. And he's run Finance change projects.

Now he's trying to pass on the benefit of his learning and experience to the next generation of Finance managers and CFOs.