Building from solid foundations

  • Business performance management framework

    30-page ebook and two videos, outlining business performance management framework and basic approach to using it in Finance to drive business performance

  • Helpful techniques and tips

    Three video lessons covering key areas of business performance management - strategic performance measurement, performance reporting and business change

  • Rethinking Finance Transformation

    A video lesson in how to go about Finance Transformation in a way that results in better business performance management, rather than just Finance being cheaper!

  • BONUS Ebook

    A second 30-page ebook, called Where Can Finance Add Most Value? This contains more than 120 questions to ask in your business to help focus on the areas that need to be addressed most

Course outline and content

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Course leader

  • Andy Burrows

    CEO and Founder of Supercharged Finance

    Andy Burrows

    Andy qualified as a chartered accountant in the UK more than 20 years ago. He's worked in different businesses – large, medium and small – in different sectors ranging from Financial Services to Software. He's been a Head of Finance, a Group Financial Controller and a Finance Director. And he's run Finance change projects.Now he's trying to pass on the benefit of his learning and experience to the next generation of Finance managers and CFOs.