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In many places I've worked, there has been no standard template for project business cases. They search around for best practice and end up scratching together something different for each project. With the templates you can get here, there'll be no more scratching around. These business case templates contain everything you should need. AND they're 100% FREE!

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It is our firm belief that one of the main aims of a Finance function in business is to drive its performance. Key to that philosophy is that we in Finance must enforce discipline on change projects, such that they are clearly linked with business strategy, and have clear realisable benefits that outweigh the costs.

That makes business cases really important for us in Finance. And that's not just for approving projects before they start. The business case should be the benchmark for the project, in terms of whether it remains viable, throughout its life, and beyond.

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What you get...

  • Full business case template

    You’ll get a big fully editable MS Word document that you can tailor. This contains everything you should need. The template itself is 17 pages, with just the headings, tables and guidance notes. It is modelled on one that was standard in a FTSE100 group that I worked in, using best practice project management processes.

  • Financial appraisal spreadsheet

    You’ll also get a ready made spreadsheet model, calculating NPV and payback over a 5 year period. Simply input the detailed costs and benefits, and the evaluation comes out on a summary page. (Note that it’s based on UK tax rules, so may need some modification for rates and cashflow timings… but at least it’s a start for you!)

  • Explanatory notes

    In addition, to give you a head start, there’s a 2-page short guide on how to complete the templates correctly.

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